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Murder Mystery Party Adelaide South Australia

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 11 January 2021

A murder mystery party is a mega fun night with all the people you care about. Don't worry no one will hold the fact that you want to murder them against you. They might even thank you. You can have a brilliant night anywhere in Adelaide or greater South Australia. Get killing today.

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Murder Mystery Party Adelaide
Murder Mystery Party Adelaide

What should I remember when I'm hosting a murder mystery party in Adelaide or greater South Australia?

Okay, so you've decided to host a murder mystery party. That's great! But what do you, as the host, have to remember in order to host the best murder mystery party in Adelaide or South Australia? If you've ever hosted a party before, you probably have a vague idea as to what exactly you will have to do. But there are a few things that you may need to remember in order to host a murder mystery party. Here's a few of them.

Try and Get in Character

This is something that is important for any sort of themed party, but it's especially important at something like a murder mystery party, where everyone has some sort of role to play. You, as the host, are going to be the one telling the story, whether you're someone that is acting like the chief of police, or you're just filling the role of narrator. Either way, you want to make sure that you get into character and have fun with that character. The more engaging that you are with your guests, and the more into character that you are, the more likely it will be that they will get into it as well, and have a blast while doing it! As the host, you set the example, and if you're in character and acting silly your guests are going to be more likely to do the same exact thing as well.

Consider Getting Someone To Help You Out

You don't have to take on the burden of the whole party by yourself! There's a lot that needs to be done for a murder mystery party, so if you need to enlist some help, go ahead and do it! If you have a friend that you trust or that you know would be an awesome addition to the hosting team, then ask them to come and help you with the planning and preparation.

Of course, there are other options as well. At, you can purchase one of their murder mystery kits, and then you can get in touch with one of their hosts that are located in Adelaide and/or South Australia. They can then come and help you host your party, give you tips on how you can figure out the best way to pull it off, and even be the emcee that is going around and making sure everything is going on. That way, you can get in on the fun and be a detective as well!

Relax and Have Fun

Either way, you want to make sure to relax. Hosting a party can be stressful, there's lots of stuff you have to plan, sometimes things end up going wrong in the process, and there's always the chance that personalities will clash or drama will happen. That being said, you need to do what you can to relax. Take a breather if you have to, watch the fun that is going on around you, and get involved in some of the stuff that is going on at your murder mystery party.

Make sure that you do everything that you can so that you and your guests all get to have a good time. Get some great food, find a fun venue, make sure that you have all of your supplies and such, and then party on! Help your party guests to get their detective hats on and go and have a great time.

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