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Write Your Memoir Kit - Party Game

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 04 July 2019

Write Your Memoir Kit - How fun would it be to get the family or your friends together and play a game that helps everyone learn more about each others life!

Party Games Write Your Memoir
Party Games Write Your Memoir
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Write Your Memoir Party

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The Write Your Memoir Party is very interactive. You don't need a host as it is very easy to run yourself. It involves a combination of talking about your past and writing down your memoir using the kit provided.

The kit guides you through the process and everyone ends up with their own memoir.

How much do you really know about your mother, father, grandparent or older friend close to your heart? What was their first car, their first job or their favourite style of music? It is quite sad that often we are so caught up in our own lives and interests that we forget to ask these interesting questions about our loved ones. This is why a "Write Your Memoir Party" gives your party goers a chance to publish their life stories and intimate details about their loved ones that may otherwise have been forgotten. Family members, friends and future generations can learn about their ancestry and gain insight into a person very close to their lives.

The reason I decided to create this party game was because of my mum. She thought it would be a great idea for my Grandmother and my Nan to write their memoirs before they passed on. They were not motivated to write their memoirs from scratch as they were both in their nineties but we played the game and learned about their upbringing and journey through life. She then gave copies of the memoir to all of our family members and friends. It was then I realised I didn’t really know anything about my Nan or my grandmother and it made our last few years together extra special, I regret that I don’t have memoirs from all my grandparents.

Memoirs are a great keepsake for the author and their family so I decided to make it easier for people to write their life stories by creating this party game that asks you questions about all aspects of your life. The game is easy to play and is made up of 11 chapters, each chapter focusing on a different aspect of your journey. You can write as much or as little as you like.

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