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5 Ways to Kill Your Boss and Make it a Roaring Murder Mystery Party

1) Actually kill your boss

Of all the methods listed in this guide we strongly feel that this is the least appropriate idea and do not recommend you go down this path. Even if your boss reprimands you for using edits in the company brochure that they made, do not kill them! Throw a party though.

2) Punch holes off centre

A sure-fire way to kill your boss is to make sure that when you punch and file documents you do each page slightly off centre. This is guaranteed to add to your bosses already sky-high blood pressure and if you are sufficiently motivated to work with this over the long term could definitely lead to cardiac arrest. A wake is a party right?

3) End conversations with “so”

Just when your boss thinks you have stopped rambling on and they turn to walk away say “so”. When they pause, connect cognitive effort to reengaging with you and turn to look, say nothing and walk away. Death will be slow but painful. You can then have a party is the bosses office.

4) Don’t put subjects in your emails

Send all emails with a blank subject line. Send at least 3 to 15 emails a day over 2 to 3 weeks. Talk about budgets, projections, finance and other such topics. At the end of 3 weeks say something to your boss like “hey boss did you get that email I sent last week about the new HR contracts? It needs action today or we could breach compliance!” Of course, you never sent this email but the boss will spend hours searching and will probably jump out their office window. Close the office because it is party time!

5) Hold a murder mystery party!

Now all the ideas above are fun, but most of them end with the company folding, you getting fired or some other catastrophe. There is a way to kill your boss and get a promotion!

Hold a murder mystery party and make the boss the murdered victim.

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What is a murder mystery party?

A murder mystery party is an interactive night of fun where one of your guests is a murderer and another is the victim. Gasp! Murder mysteries get your guests mingling, talking and moving around as they work to solve the crime. They are great for team building, staff events, conferences or any gathering where you need a fun easy to run activity for entertainment.

How do you organise a murder mystery party?

How many people can go?

Normally you can have a group as small as 8 people or as large as 120 people.

Do people dress up?

It is not essential to dress up but costumes and decorations will help to make the night a huge success.

What now?

Want that promotion? The boss will have such a great time that you are sure to get a promotion, or earn some brownie points at least. You can kill the boss symbolically and not go to gaol.

Have a fabulous murder mystery party.

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