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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 02 July 2018

There are lots of fabulous providers of Murder Mystery games out there. Here are the companies we support:

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Murder Mystery Games - 27 Aug 2018

Want a really fun murder mystery game? Want the best murder mystery games? Steps: 1) Plan your party, send out invitations and get ready 2) Order your murder mystery game 3) Book a murder mystery host What is a murder mystery game? A murder mystery game is an interactive game that involves solving a mystery based on clues available at the scene of the staged crime. Your group will play the characters involved in the mystery, the game box or online download/app includes clues, and everything needed to hold a game. Much of the fun with a murder mystery game is dressing up as the characters in the game. While the costumes are not included, your guests can dress up to fit the theme of each murder mystery. They are very fun and interactive and your guests will be playing fun games and completing great murderous activities... Full article ⇢

1) Actually kill your boss Of all the methods listed in this guide we strongly feel that this is the least appropriate idea and do not recommend you go down this path. Even if your boss reprimands you for using edits in the company brochure that they made, do not kill them! Throw a party though. 2) Punch holes off centre A sure-fire way to kill your boss is to make sure that when you punch and file documents you do each page slightly off centre. This is guaranteed to add to your bosses already sky-high blood pressure and if you are sufficiently motivated to work with this over the long term could definitely lead to cardiac arrest. A wake is a party right? 3) End conversations with “so” Just when your boss thinks you have stopped rambling on and they turn to walk away say “so”... Full article ⇢

How To Host A Murder - 24 Jan 2018

Questions About How To Host A Murder Games What Is How To Host A Murder? How To Host A Murder is a boxed murder mystery game for exactly 8 people. What do I do if I want more or less than 8 people? In our guide below we have matched murder mystery games to How To Host A Murder themes that allow full flexibility with group numbers. How To Host A Murder Game Themes Power and Greede (AKA The Hollywood Premier) Our Recommendation - Hollywood Scandal murder mystery game for 2 to 120 people. An Affair to Dismember Our Recommendation - Haunted Horrors murder mystery game for 2 to 120 people. The Chicago Caper Our Recommendation - Tracy Gang 1920s murder mystery game for 2 to 120 people... Full article ⇢

AFL Assassination - 07 Sep 2017

Normal Use: This is only suitable for a 16+ or adult audience. Group Size: 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120. Setting: The Eastside Falcons' Home Ground. Central Characters: The Coach, Sue Biaco-Oval, Sydney Swan, Colin Wood, Elma Judd, Gary Tablet, Maggie Pies, Pony Rocket, Saint Kilda, Doc Lands-Stadium, Rich Mond, Upthere Cazaly, Warwick Slapper, Whore Thorn, Princess Park Costumes: Come dressed in your ball gown, tux, suit, flannies, hoodies, surf gear, sports player, umpire gear, football uniform or any other Aussie, football stereotype. Background: There has been a terrible murder and the police are hot on the case... Full article ⇢

Hosting A Murder Mystery Birthday Party Murder Mystery parties have been around for many years as an interesting way to host work events, dinner parties and other social gatherings, but why not have a Murder Mystery Party for your birthday? A Murder Mystery Birthday Party can be a great way to celebrate getting another year older. Birthdays are such special times in our lives that we have to make sure our celebrations are memorable - you and all your guests will be sure to remember the party where one of the guests was murdered and another was the killer! Murder in a Box Mystery Parties come in a range of different themes, with a couple that do not involve a murder, so they're great for kids and teenagers. Murder Mystery Birthday Party for Adults We currently have 10 Murder Mystery Birthday Party Kits available in different themes including Caribbean Cruise, Hollywood Scandal, Christmas Capers and Haunted Horrors. These are available to purchase as a kit which is posted free of charge to your doorstep. Many of the Mystery Birthday Party Games come with the option of a game download, so you can print off the materials yourself to save some money and time... Full article ⇢

Function Rooms - 06 Mar 2017

Function Centres for your Murder Mystery Party The right venue can make a big difference for your murder mystery party. Australia has many very professional venues that can meet your needs in different ways. Click the links below to find function venues in your state. Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne - Hobart - Sydney - Brisbane - Darwin - Canberra How do function centres charge? It depends on the centre but these are common scenarios. The venue centre charges a fee for the night which may include: Room hire Bond that is returned if the room is clean and undamaged Cleaning fee Cost for extra staff e... Full article ⇢

Murder Mystery Party - 06 Mar 2017

How To Hold A Fantastic Murder Mystery Party  Your FREE Murder Mystery Party Report! So you are thinking of organising a party. Do you want a boring party or a ROARING party? Why not turn your party into a murder mystery party and then you will guarantee that your guests will have a brilliant time. What is a Murder Mystery Party? Murder mystery parties are a style of party that have been around since the 1800’s and have been very popular over the decades.  Party goers everywhere enjoy them immensely.  Their popularity over a long time is due to how this style of party hits raw human emotions... Full article ⇢

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