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Murder Mystery Games

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 27 August 2018

Want a really fun murder mystery game? Want the best murder mystery games?

Murder Mystery Games

1) Plan your party, send out invitations and get ready
2) Order your murder mystery game
3) Book a murder mystery host

What is a murder mystery game? A murder mystery game is an interactive game that involves solving a mystery based on clues available at the scene of the staged crime. Your group will play the characters involved in the mystery, the game box or online download/app includes clues, and everything needed to hold a game. Much of the fun with a murder mystery game is dressing up as the characters in the game. While the costumes are not included, your guests can dress up to fit the theme of each murder mystery.

They are very fun and interactive and your guests will be playing fun games and completing great murderous activities.

How do murder mystery games work on the night?

Murder Mystery Games

Your guests arrive, you meet and greet them "kiss, kiss darling!"

Murder Mystery Games

Once everyone has arrived, your host will kick things off. You might play a game or have some other kind of theatrics. Then, with lots of gasps and cries the host will announce that there has been a murder. It will finally be revealed that a guest at your party has been killed and that another guest is the murderer. But who?

Murder Mystery Games

We can't let the murderer get away with it. We need to identify them so they can't kill again.

Murder Mystery Games

The murderer is a guest at your party. But who? The murderer themselves is suffering PTSD and can't remember committing the crime.

Murder Mystery Games

Your guests get into small teams. This is great because your guests can choose the role they want to take in the team. Your extroverted friends can shine and the shy ones can work behind the scenes.

Murder Mystery Games

Teams trade clues, gather information and put the pieces together. There are lots of dramatic events, accusations and all sort of other shenanigans.

Murder Mystery Games

Finally, at the end of the murder mystery game, the teams tell us who the killer is and how they think it happened.

Murder Mystery Games

The true story and killer is revealed.

Murder Mystery Games

The killer is arrested. Your party guests are safe once more!

Murder Mystery Games

Our Murder Mystery Party Games

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Murder Mystery Games

With Premium Edition murder mystery games, one of your guests gets murdered and another is the murderer. These are available as boxes sent in the mail or as an online download. Your guests work in small teams to gather clues and solve the crime.  The murdered victim also joins a team and is a vital part of the night.

Premium Edition murder mystery games are not a sit around a table game they are more of a live theatrical event.  If you want a fun interactive murder mystery game that is easy to organise and manage on the night then hold a Premium Edition Murder Mystery Game.

Want a KILLER good time? Murder mystery games by Murder in a Box (also an online download) are the best on the market. Are you worried that the guests at your party won't have a good time? Well then hold a murder mystery party and a fantastic night will be had by all.

Our murder mystery games are fabulous. In fact we are so confident about our murder mystery games that...

If you are not completely satisfied with our games simply send it back for a full no questions asked refund.

Using a murder mystery game for your murder mystery party is essential. Many hundreds of hours of research goes into creating our murder mystery games and this ensures that you will be using a tried and test product. Not to mention saving you many hours of preparation for your murder mystery party games.

Each of our games has been played thousands of times so you know that you are getting tried and tested quality.

Some tips to improve your murder mystery game

Costumes improve your party! The more you encourage your guests to dress up the more fun the night will be. When people look silly they let their hair down and have a good time. Every area has great costume hire stores, so check Google or the Yellow Pages. If you don't want to bother your guests with costumes why not bring a box of accessories? You could bring hats, feather boas, old Hawaiian shirts or whatever you can get your hands on.

Theming and decorating improve your party! It is a good idea to theme your murder mystery game venue or house. Decorations are not essential, but if your guests walk into a well themed venue they will have a really positive reaction. This will help ensure your night is a great success.

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