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Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 01 July 2021

What is a murder mystery party?

Murder mystery games for adults and teenagers are not a sit around a table game (except dinner edition), they are more of a live theatrical event. If you want a fun interactive murder mystery party that is easy to organise and manage on the night then you are in the right place.

With our murder mystery games, one of your guests gets murdered and another is the murderer. Your guests work in small teams to gather clues and solve the crime. The murdered victim also joins a team and is a vital part of the night.

How does it work?

Our murder mystery party pack contains everything you need to run a fabulous murder mystery party.

  • Once you get your box or download you have 2 choices:
    • 1)DIY - Murder In A Box is a do-it-yourself how to host a murder party pack so you, a friend or family member can be the host.  Hosting your party keeps the cost down and is very exciting.
    • 2) Hire a host - Click hire a murder mystery actor for hosts in your area. Hosts definitely add more fun to the night and make your job easier.

How many guests?

Boxed games are for 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.

Download games are for 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.

Does the murderer know they are the murderer?

No! They play the game just like everyone else.

Can the "host" play too?

With our Dinner Edition games yes. With the Premium Edition games the host will be a dedicated role and so doesn't get involved in solving the murder.

How many guests?

Boxed games are for 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.

Download games are for 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.

How can I get the downloadable invites?

Follow this link My Party

How long does it last?

Most mysteries run for 2 to 3 hours.

What game types do you provide?

    • Murder In A Box - Premium Edition Boxed: Premium Edition games are the ultimate in interactive party fun. These games require a host and involve games, silly activities and are 100% fun! With these games one of your guests is murdered and another is the murderer. Even though a guest is murdered they continue to play and have a great time as the centre of attention. Your guests work in small teams to solve the crime. If you want a brilliant night to remember order a Premium Edition game. These games are perfect for 11+, teens and adults. They come in 2 to 60 and 2 to 120 people packs. The games are shipped to you at no cost!
    • Murder In A Box - Premium Edition Download: These are just like the boxed games except you print them yourself.
    • Murder In A Box - Dinner Edition Download: These are simple dinner games that you run yourself with 4 to 8 people.
    • Murder In A Box - Mega Edition Download: These are specially designed for 120 to 300 people.

What is included?

Please check if your game is Downloadable or Boxed when you order.

What is the difference between Download and Boxed Games?

    • Download - You receive the high quality materials electronically. You download and print the materials yourself and save money. Nothing is posted to you.
    • Boxed - Your game is printed and packaged by us, saving you time and providing the highest quality materials. We post to you anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between Dinner Edition and Premium Edition Games?

Premium Edition:

Premium Edition games are the ultimate in interactive fun. They are a full night of entertainment and require a host (friend or hired) to run them. Your guests work in teams to solve the crime and there is heaps of mingling and sleuthing fun. If you want an amazing night your friends will remember for ever, Murder In A Box Premium Edition games are the way to go.

In a Premium Edition game your guests play the characters in the murder mystery story.

  • Perfect for:
    • Any event that you want to be amazing
    • Staff, Christmas, work, birthday party
    • Super fun party
    • Conference
    • Fundraiser
    • Team building
    • Hen's night
  • What you get in a Premium Edition murder mystery game (depending on size):
    • The Murder In A Box – box (not in download)
    • Contents sheet
    • 15 to 120 electronic invitations to print or email before the event
    • The Presenter's Handbook
    • The Full Story
    • Extra games
    • Decoration suggestions sheet
    • 15 to 120+ character name badges
    • Evidence that is hidden and found
    • Planning a fantastic party guide book
    • 60 to 120 cryptic clues
    • The full story
    • A pair of handcuffs (not in download)
    • 2 props to be used - Such as a secret letter
    • Special awards
    • Sleuthing materials
    • 8 to 18 pens (not in download)
    • 8 to 18 sets of team directions
    • Welcome sign
    • Information about venue set up

Dinner Edition:

Dinner Edition games are very easy to run. They do not require a hired host and are great to enjoy around a dinner table.

In a Dinner Edition game your guests play investigators that are trying to solve the crime. The characters your guests wear on their badges are not directly mentioned in the story and so you have lots of flexibility with how many people play the game.

  • Perfect for:
    • Any low key event
    • Dinner party
    • Dinner at a restaurant
    • Backyard party
    • At work while other things are going on
  • What you get in a Standard Edition murder mystery game:
    • The Presenter's Handbook
    • 8 name badges
    • A Suspect's Sheet for each player
    • 8 round 1 scripts
    • 8 round 2 scripts
    • 8 round 3 scripts
    • The full story

Does each guest get a character and a script?

Yes and no. Giving a guest a script puts them under a lot of pressure.  Instead, each guest will be allocated a character at the party.  This means that last minute cancellations or additions won't upset your murder mystery party organisation. Our games use funny character names use clues instead of scripts. Our research shows that guests prefer this much more. When you are thinking of how to host a murder just tell your guests to dress up but don't worry about their character until the murder mystery party.

Can I make it a surprise party?

No. Of course you can do anything you want but people like to get excited about things. In our experience, because murder mysteries are interactive it is better that people know they will be attending a murder mystery party.


Costumes are not required, but they are fun and will help your guests have a better time. Guests can dress in costume or in a high class outfit. Your guests can come dressed in any costume they like. The character name badge they receive has no impact on what they wear.


Yes, if you can. Many people like to "set the scene" with decorations. It is not essential but it does make the night better.


Because murder mysteries involve playing games and your guests doing lots of fun and silly things, they need a quiet venue with lots of space.

  • You can hold a murder mystery at home or in a function venue. Try any venue which:
    • Is completely private i.e.: not a restaurant with other patrons.
    • Is very quiet i.e. no bands, piped music or DJ's next door.
    • Has plenty of room to move around.  Imagine all your guests standing in a circle.
    • You need one central area big enough for all guests at one time.


Yes.  Finger food and platters work really well during a murder mystery. If you want a full meal we strongly recommend you play the game before or after dinner.

All girl’s party or Hen’s Night?

  • You have great choices:
    • Our "Bogan Bride and the Billionaire" theme is set at a wedding and is perfect.
    • Our "Hollywood Scandal" theme has characters that could either be boys or girls with names like "The Star" and "The Producer".
    • Our "Wild West" theme involves a wedding and a baby swap and is great for a Hen’s Night (some guests will be boys but this increases the fun!)

Suitable for teenagers?

Yes! Coming up with ideas for entertaining a large group can be hard to do, especially a large group of teenagers. Most people like to participate in interactive games and solve puzzles. If you have a large group of teenagers to entertain, a murder mystery game party could be the perfect activity for them. They are a great game for teenagers having a sleepover or for a birthday party. The guests can dress up in costumes that fit the era the murder mystery game portrays, play music of that era and even watch movies from the era after the mystery has been solved. If the teens in your life prefer something more glamorous, there is a Hollywood Scandal edition of the murder mystery game. Guests can dress as their favourite Hollywood star, walk the red carpet and have fun playing their character in the game. This would be a perfect edition for teenage girls to play at a slumber party or just for fun.

If you are worried about adult themes, our game pages tell you what is included.

Suitable for children?

To play a murder mystery game you have to be a confident reader so we recommend the ages of 11 up. Parents and other adults may be concerned that a murder mystery game isn't appropriate for children under the age of 18. Our games labelled teenage games have no adult themes and so are suitable for any age. We also have non-murder children's games. There is a theatrical murder but there is no gore and violence associated with the game. They are great fun for teenagers who enjoy interactive games and who like solving puzzles.


Absolutely!  Many groups use one of our packs and run the party themselves. They charge $15 to $20 a head for nibbles and the mystery.

Can some guests just watch?

Yes! Your guests can choose their level of participation.


We are Australian based so you get the best service and all games include FREE postage anywhere in the world!

Quick delivery, orders arrive in as little as 2 business days!

All how to host a murder Murder In A Box games are sent quickly but delivery time varies from region to region.

  • How long does my game take to arrive?
    • Western Australia - 2 to 4 days. 
    • Australian Eastern States - 4 to 8 days.
    • Outside Australia - 7 days is the norm but areas other than major capital cities will take up to 20 days.

What if I am ordering outside of Australia? We have sold our how to host a murder Murder In A Box packs to many countries including the USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada.   We send Murder In A Box games anywhere for free.  Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.  Use our shopping cart to order a game and have it posted to you or enjoy an instant download.


You receive 2 to 3 hours of entertainment for half the price of hiring a karaoke machine.  From less than AUD$3 per person these games are great value.  Click the product game images to see exact prices.

I have a discount voucher?

All vouchers have a special code (usually 4 characters long). When placing your order, at the final stage there is a place to enter your code. The shopping cart will automatically calculate your discount.

Refund policy?

We have worked very hard for many years to make these games the best available.  However, we understand that sometimes the game is just not right for your needs. We guarantee the quality of our murder mystery party packs and games. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your game for a full, no questions asked refund.

Boxed murder mystery games must be returned unused, at the client's expense, and refunds will not include any postage charges if applicable.

Download murder mystery games must be cancelled within 48 hours of purchase. You must have deleted any files that you have downloaded.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! Our friendly staff are waiting to help you. In Australia call us on our toll-free number and Australian and international visitors can email us using the contact us link in the menu above.

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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    • How much do murder mystery games cost? Click the game images above to see prices.
    • Do we need a host? It is up to you. You purchase a game from us then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character? Sure do.
    • What do I get? Our murder mystery games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes please. Click "Contact Us" above.

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