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Team Building Games For Teenagers

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

Murder Mystery Game For Teen Parties

If you are thinking of hosting an event for a teen group, you may want to consider having a Murder Mystery Teen Party. Murder Mystery games are fun, engaging and definitely memorable. There are so many opportunities to put your own stamp on the evening with one of them that you will be sure to create a night to remember. More importantly, this type of event is one that always appeals to the teen crowd.

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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Why these games appeal to teens?

Take a look at the latest movie and the most popular shows and you will see that murder mysteries are hot among teens. Actually, when you think about it, they have always appealed to teens no matter what generation you are talking about. Being a teenager is all about discovery, and finding out things that make the world make sense that no adult knows. You couldn't ask for an event that was more perfectly designed to appeal to this age group. You don't have to haul out all the old mysteries too, you can customise the story to make sure that it keeps everyone's attention and can get them all involved.

Updating Agatha

When people imagine what a Murder Mystery Party or event can be like, they usually conjure up Agatha Christie and her Orient Express – but there are a lot of different options for the type of murder mystery that is planned. You can update the basics of a murder mystery to involve pop culture references, or even personalise the whole story. When you plan your event you can talk to the organiser about what names to change and other details that will make the evening uniquely your own. The more your guests can connect to the story line, the more of a success your event will be.

Picking the venue

There are a lot of options for where you can stage your Murder Mystery Teen Party. They can happen at a house, an event centre, at a school and even outdoors. One of the most popular is to do a Murder Mystery as a cruise or “treasure hunt.” If you are aiming for it to be a success with the teen crown then you need to make sure that you have an active party planned – that includes something for everyone.

Making sure it’s a success

The key to making sure that your Murder Mystery Teen Party Game is a success is to make sure it has just enough of everything so that there is something for everyone. While almost everyone is going to get into the scene, you know there are always one or two people for whom this kind of event will not be their thing. Make that a part of the party too. Have special roles created for the “innocent bystander” who just may hold the key clue to it all. If everyone has a role to play that suits their personality, everyone is going to love your Murder Mystery Teen Party Game.

Getting the planning going

If you think hosting a Murder Mystery Teen Party is going to the most awesome thing to do this year, get the ball rolling by contacting us to find out more. They will provide the game, and have endless ways to customise your party so your teens never forget it. If you are a teen looking for a different way to celebrate your birthday or event, this is one that will put you on the top of the mark among your crowd.

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