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Team Building Activities For Teenagers

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

The perfect teen party may need a little bit of murder and mystery

Planning the perfect Murder Mystery teenage party can be the ideal way to throw an event that teens on every part of the spectrum of growing up can enjoy. It can beat another trip to the rock climbing gym, and it can provide your teens with a way to learn how to work better outside of social cliques. Better still, Murder Mystery Parties are becoming more popular among this age group too. They are interesting, fun and have all the elements of independence that can really make them a success.

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The trouble with entertaining teens

The problem with entertaining a group of teens is that all of them, no matter how close they are as friends, are at different stages of physical and emotional maturity. They are also starting to define themselves as individuals, this means that what everyone was into last year they may not be into this year. It also means that half way through a party one teen may realise they don't want to do whatever event is set out. There is also the problem of social competition among teens. You have to be careful to select an idea for a group entertainment that is not dependent on only one skill. This is why a Murder Mystery teen party can be the perfect solution. To solve a murder mystery you need all sorts of skills, talents and personalities. It is a true social learning experience that teaches without anyone being aware that they are being taught.

Selling them on the idea

OK, so now the adults have decided that a Murder Mystery teenage party will be the best thing since sliced cheese. That is usually a guarantee for teens to turn their nose up at anything, so how do you sell them on the idea? It is easier than you think, just get them involved in the process of planning and selecting the murder mystery to be played out. Once they are involved in the process their interest will grow and it will become their own.

Where should you stage a teen Murder Mystery?

There are many different places you can choose to stage a Murder Mystery. While adults tend to associate them with evening dinner theatre, they can take place at any time of the day. They can also take place as part of a day cruise, inside different buildings, as part of a nature hike or camp out – the possibilities are endless.

What is involved?

To get started with making your Murder Mystery teen party a reality, you need to contact our murder mystery office or order a game. They can cover the different packages that we offer – such as 1920s mysteries, Facebook mysteries and more – plus the props and needed settings. Then the two of you can work your ideas into that framework to create a murder mystery for teens that is truly engaging.

Why does it work so well?

Having a Murder Mystery as a teen party will always be a success because it isn't something they can go out and do their own. It taps into their innate love of drama, and you will be surprised at how imaginative they can get with the whole thing. It also gives them an event you are involved with, but that remains their own. That is an important balance to achieve to help make the teen years good for everyone.

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