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Team Building Activities Adelaide South Australia

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

5 Rules for Team Building in Adelaide

There are a lot of Team Building Activities for Adelaide South Australia businesses, but there are 5 rules about which ones you should choose and how they should be done that will guarantee your success. Forget the zip line; using something like a murder mystery party lets you follow the rules to create better working dynamics.

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Rule #1 - Use the local history

One of the best Team Building Activities for Adelaide South Australia businesses is to use murder mysteries. They don't have to all be Agatha Christie and the Orient Express; you can use local history to make mysteries that are even more engaging for your employees.

Rule #2 - Play to the existing dynamics

Don't assign the roles in a murder mystery to try and force a new dynamic on the group like making the shy person the investigator, play to the existing dynamics. By letting people stay in their comfort zone, you can introduce a new level of communication easily. You won't have to worry about the standard dynamics running the show, because the actual team dynamics are controlled by the murder mystery. By keeping people in the comfort zones, they will be more willing to participate in different ways.

Rule #3 - Keep it interesting

Going into the outback to walk a rope line? Yay! Doing it each year? Not such a good idea. You have to either have the budget to keep offering new and different and more exciting Team Building Ideas in Adelaide South Australia every time, or you can pick an idea that has endless flexibility in its execution. The core structure of a murder mystery party is always the same one person is a victim, one is a murdered, the rest of the team tries to figure it out but the intricacy of the story and details, as well as the setting can be changed to keep it interesting and new for years.

Rule #4 - Mind the time

There are a lot of Team Building Activities for Adelaide South Australia businesses that require a full day, or weekend, to do. While this may sound exciting at first, using an exercise that takes from the limited time your employees have off is not going to really make it successful. Murder mysteries not only can be done in an evening (or at lunch), but they are something that the whole family can be invited too. That last bit is important, you might want to consider hosting murder mysteries that aren't bracketed by training or meetings to focus strictly on building good team dynamics.

Rule #5 - Make sure food and drink plays a supporting role

If you are serious about finding good Team Building Ideas for Adelaide South Australia business locations then you have to realise that people in Adelaide are all about their food and drink. Don't go through the bother of arranging for a murder mystery in your conference room if you aren't at least going to cater in good sandwiches. Food is more important that you think to the success of team building. Sharing food is an activity that helps people to bond. Sharing it during a team building exercise that is engaging helps to promote conversation and communication that will last far beyond the exercise.

More Team Building Ideas for Adelaide South Australia

There are several different stories available as Team Building Ideas for Adelaide South Australia businesses that can help make using murder mysteries a reoccurring event that your employees look forward to attending. That is half the battle right there. Getting people to want to be on a team for an event will help to create working teams that really communicate.

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