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Team Building Activities Darwin Northern Territory

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

Team building exercises are worth it - as long as you have the right one. The world went a little crazy with what they considered good ideas for these exercises - but rational thinking is starting to win out. You don't have to strand your whole accounting department on a desert island for three days to get them to start acting like a team, you do have to provide them with an enjoyable and entertaining event that teaches them new ways to work together. This is why one of the best Team Building Ideas for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses is to host a murder mystery for your company.

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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    • Does everyone get a character? Sure do.
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What if I really don't have the budget for it?

Some of the Team Building Activities for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses do require a large investment of money and time. This is another point in favour of choosing to use a murder mystery dinner as your team building exercise. They are affordable to put on, can be hosted in your own space, or you can host them in a restaurant or on a cruise ship too. The packages are all expenses paid up front, and props are provided as well. The way that the typical murder mystery package is put together you are getting the most for your money of all the Team Building Ideas for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses available.

Should I open it up to guests?

This is a big question when considering your options for Team Building Activities for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses. The obvious answer is that if you are arranging a day long training event that will end with a murder mystery then you don't want to open it up for guests. However, you can stage them during award dinners - or as a special "reward" evening out that makes it an ideal night to invite the family, spouse or partners along. One thing you have to remember is that people go to murder mystery parties and book tickets on murder mystery cruises all the time for their own enjoyment. That your company is providing that entertainment as a perk can do more for team building than you think. This is why many of the best Team Building Ideas for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses don't occur during office hours, but on a cruise ship where a murder mystery is about to be staged after a day of swimming and fishing.

What type of murder mystery is right for my business?

Murder mystery Team Building Ideas for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses come with many different story options. They can range from mysteries set in the roaring 20s, on the famous Orient Express, or they can even be customized to use some of the real history from the Darwin Northern Territory. It depends really on what you want. Sometimes the more you can get people involved in the role playing - wearing costumes and taking on fake accents - the more fun they will have. Sometimes staying as rooted in the real will reach your teach better too.

What do I do?

To see what Team Building Activities for Darwin Northern Territory Businesses are available to you review the different descriptions to get an idea of the basic storyline, and then talk to a representative to see what can be added in to make it a perfect fit for your employees. One thing you should consider is to plan ahead for your next one as well. One of the best motivators for people is expectation. There can be no better way to end a fun evening than an announcement that you are planning to do it all again in a few months - different mystery, but this can inspire people to begin to communicate better during the months between.

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