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Team Building Activities Canberra Australian Capital Territory

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

There is no shortage of team building activities for Canberra Australian Capital Territory businesses that can help you create a more dynamic and effective team. Murder mysteries provide you with a flexible and accessible option that can help reinforce camaraderie, communication and dynamic team work. A mystery staged on a cruise can provide a reward for your employees, while giving you the benefit of their renewed engagement in the business too.

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Combining business and murder to build effective teams

One of the most unusual Team Building Activities for Canberra Australian Capital Territory businesses is to host a murder mystery cruise. You can select from many different eras, murders, or even outline your own to create an event that will engage your employees and help them work together better. Hosting the event on a small cruise ship can add an element to it that can really make it even more exciting. One thing you need to know how to do is combine the business aspects with the entertainment so you don't lose the effect of either.

Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party

Where most team building exercises go wrong

For most Team Building Ideas for Canberra Australian Capital Territory businesses the idea may be great, but the execution can leave a lot to be desired. It isn't that the murder mystery or the obstacle course or cabaret follies planned aren't good; it is that the effect gets washed away with how the other aspects of the business gathering are handled. You have two different options when planning the event. The first is to keep it entirely separate from business at all - there are definite advantages and disadvantages to this approach. The second is to be more mindful about how you combine the events so that they support each other better.

Option 1 - Make it a solo event

Staging you Team Building Activities for Canberra Australian Capital Territory businesses as a solo event has some advantages. By setting them aside as their own events you allow people to connect with each other on more personal levels. This can reinforce communication bonds and create healthier dynamics. It can also provide a much needed period of relaxation and enjoyment too. Unfortunately, the disadvantages can outweigh the advantages depending on which of the Team Building Ideas for Canberra Australian Capital Territory businesses you choose. Not everyone is going to be thrilled about a mandatory weekend or even afternoon away to do some team building exercise that they would never choose as an activity for themselves in the first place. Obstacle course and trust building events just aren't people's first choice for entertainment. This is where hosting a murder mystery can even the field. Murder mystery parties are popular events for people to go do outside of work. If you make yours open to spouses and partners, you could very well have a hit on your hands and benefit from the association.

Option 2 - Combine it with business

This is trickier to get to work if you are sending your employees sailing down a zip line or up and over a tower. There is too much of a disconnect between the team building event and the work event. The dynamics of the two will also remain separate. The murder mystery is a better choice because it is expected that during a day of meetings the group will have to eat. Even if you choose to host your murder mystery on a cruise, you can use the conference or dining area for your meetings. You don't want to blend the mystery in with the meetings, but to make it the cap of the day. It will serve as a marvellous release for the tensions of the day - but it will also make everything that happened as part of the meetings more memorable.

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