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Team Building Activities Hobart Tasmania

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

Who should be the murderer in a team building murder mystery?

If you have been looking at new Team Building Activities in Hobart Tasmania then you are probably considering whether running a murder mystery would be a good idea. It is. Murder mysteries are proving to be one of the most successful team building events that promote healthy dynamics that change the workplace. Don't just leave all the elements to chance however, as a manager you can use the details of who gets assigned the roles of victim and murderer to make it an even more effective team building exercise than you can ever imagine.

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Understanding the dynamics of the victim

Murder mysteries play into something much different than the typical Team Building Activities in Hobart Tasmania you can find. While physical challenges and group games tend to reinforce strengths, the narrative of a murder mystery can be used to help your team role play solutions to problem dynamics in the work place more easily. Choosing who the victim is important. While you may think that the victim is the one role that should be played by a manager or someone who isn't really part of the team, it is a very powerful role that can help to generate empathy and support. If you have a natural born leader in your office, or someone who takes charge to a fault - it may be a good idea to make them the victim. The victim in the story doesn't bow out once they are dead; they provide background information that can be used to create a different level of empathy for the real person. Also, seeing someone who may be a borderline bully in a position of vulnerability can help others to want to help them, rather than exclude them.

Understanding the dynamics of the murderer

You would think that as one of the possible Team Building Ideas in Hobart Tasmania that making your most shy or vulnerable office member the murderer would work in the same way as making a bully the victim - but it won't. The role of the murderer is tricky, you have to make sure that you play to the dynamics but use it with caution. Don't put the person who is always providing support in this role, it can reinforce resentments. Don't put the shy person or outsider in this role - it can reinforce being different from everyone. The person you want is the one who is unexpected. The murderer will have hidden motivations and skills that can help to bring out people's observational skills and hidden talents.

Should you select who is who?

If you are looking at Team Building Activities in Hobart Tasmania one of the questions you should ask yourself is how important it is that you are a part of the team building exercise. With the murder mystery genre, you then have to consider how much of a role you can have in the game if you are also helping to assign who is who in the story. If you are setting the roles, you may want to sit this one out - or ask that a special role of a judge be made so you are involved, just not directly in the story.

What about the story lines?

Murder mystery parties make great Team Building Ideas in Hobart Tasmania because there is a wide range of story lines available to choose from. It isn't like a zip line, where once you go down one you have gone down them all. You can stage murder mysteries yearly and they will never be the same.

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