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Queensland - Murder Mystery Actors For Hire

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 07 December 2023

Have you ordered your game yet? Remember you need a murder mystery game and a host!

Ben Rawson

Host Ben
    • Suburb: Brisbane
    • Phone: 0401 407 698
    • Email:

10 years in the entertainment industry, from Murder Mysteries to Stand Up Comedy and MCing, Ben will leave no guest without a smile on their face.

Siobhan Baker

Host Siobhan
    • Suburb: Brisbane
    • Phone: 0481 117 884
    • Email:

With over 15 years of show writing and performing experience, Siobhan ensures to make sure that your event is as entertaining and theatrical as possible.

Danielle Aquilina

Host Danielle
    • Suburb: Brisbane
    • Phone: 0439 730 723
    • Email:

Professional Fun Person, Danielle Aquilina brings a killer attitude to hosting your Next Murder Mystery. A Serial Offender when it comes to deadly direction - She'll have the whole jury hooked with her Hosting. It would be a crime not to have her host your next Murder Mystery Night Out. It'll be a SCREAM!


Adam Plant

Host Adam
    • Suburb: Wilston, Brisbane
    • Phone: 0459 909 245
    • Email:

Weird, hairy, and all-around eccentric- Adam Plant is a Brisbane local with an eye for strange creativity. With over 10 years experience in filmmaking, music production, stage production and voice acting; Adam has focused his creativity towards all things creepy or horror-based. Consequently, his work has been appreciated across the globe in various publications and online formats. Always the life of the party, Adam strives to make every event outrageously vibrant by using humour, wit, and inclusivity.


Mark Theodossiou

Host Mark
    • Suburb: Auchenflower
    • Phone: 0412 786 549
    • Email:

Mark is a highly experienced facilitator, accredited arts teacher, actor, voice-over, presenter and he has extensive experience in corporate theatre, including hosting, MC, roving entertainment, team building experiences and comedy sketches since 1998. Having studied a BA Applied Theatre at Griffith University, Mt Gravatt, Mark is creatively versatile, energetically driven and enthusiastically committed to making your experience a rib tickling adventure you won't forget. Spontaneously fun and engaging, Mark is master of dramatic tension and surprises a plenty, as he takes his guests on a journey of discovery and interactivity, involving games, riddles, challenges and fun activities. Available online, Mark can bring your private celebration or corporate event to life with a tailor made package perfect for your next party, or team building event. Fun is only one step away...


    Hayden Burke
    • Suburb: Brisbane
    • Email:

I'm a professional actor having graduated from the Victorian College Of The Arts in Melbourne, Studying the Bachelor Of Fine Arts - Theatre Practice. I am well experienced in hosting murder mystery parties of all sorts. Why book me? 1. If desired I can play multiple support roles during the party of both male and female gender (cross-dressing is great) 2. With 5 years experience in the technology industry I can take care of all the tech work required for the event including music 3. I am a very enthusiastic host with 10 years experience in stage performance.

    Lesley Welsh
    • Suburb: Salisbury
    • Phone: 0418 778 948
    • Email:

I have lots of energy and will make your party a great success. I enjoy entertaining and ensuring your guests have fun with bundles enthusiasm to ensure people get into the Murder Mystery Theme.

For all the best party supplies!

Jeremy Naughton

Host Jeremy
    • Suburb: Townsville
    • Phone: 0431 370 250
    • Email:

Hi, I'm a Pathology Scientist who loves the sound of his own voice, I have experience in amateur theatre and Emceeing a variety of events from Pub Crawls, Weddings and Conference dinners. I have now discovered Murder Mystery Hosting and fell in Love and would love the opportunity to host your event. So let this Scientist escape from the Lab and host a party you won't soon forget.

Testimonial: Jeremy Naughton was our host, he did a fantastic job from the get go. He came in full fancy dress and even had a unique accent for the evening. He was engaging and kept the game on track with 35 participants. The guest feedback was really positive. Donna Turner

Murder Master®

Host Bryan
    • Suburb: Brisbane/Gold Coast/Regional Qld
    • Phone: Will fly from NSW to your location - 1800 Murder (1800 687 337)
    • Email: Will fly from NSW to your location -

The Murder Master® hosts Murders across Australia and New Zealand!. He travels from central western NSW, Australia. Please take into consideration flights and accommodation costs which may apply to your event budget.

The Murder Master® is the host who will turn your corporate function or private party in Australia or New Zealand into an utterly unique and memorable event. Everyone will fight to establish their alibis and prove innocence, while solving the crime and discovering whodunnit. Plenty of finger pointing, backstabbing, blackmail and unbridled skulduggery will ensue. Invite the Murder Master® to your event today. Killer events anywhere, anytime, anyhow… it’ll be a scream!

Daniel Tusia

Host Daniel
    • Suburb: Brisbane, Gold Coast
    • Phone: 1300 261 545
    • Email:

Daniel has a long background with murder mystery parties having run them all around. Daniel is a great host who specialises in live interactive entertainment and will bring something special to your party. Daniel also provides a team of professional performers who are available to host your murder mystery.


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