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Australian Capital Territory - Murder Mystery Actors For Hire

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 21 December 2022

Have you ordered your game yet? Remember you need a murder mystery game and a host!

Murder Master®

Host Bryan
    • Suburb: Canberra
    • Phone: 1800 Murder (1800 687 337)
    • Email:

The Murder Master® hosts Murders across Australia and New Zealand!. He travels from central western NSW, Australia. Please take into consideration flights and accommodation costs which may apply to your event budget.

The Murder Master® is the host who will turn your corporate function or private party in Australia or New Zealand into an utterly unique and memorable event. Everyone will fight to establish their alibis and prove innocence, while solving the crime and discovering whodunnit. Plenty of finger pointing, backstabbing, blackmail and unbridled skulduggery will ensue. Invite the Murder Master® to your event today. Killer events anywhere, anytime, anyhow… it’ll be a scream!

    Tamsin Hnatiuk
    • Suburb: Palmertston Canberra
    • Phone: 0410 173 561
    • Email:

I have hosted many murder games over the years and would love to make yours a success. I always have a good time and so do my guests. Bring on the murder!

Ruby Ballantyne

Host Ruby
    • Suburb: Canberra
    • Phone: 0403 214 854
    • Email:

You should hire me to host your murder mysteries because I am committed, hard working, energetic, a performer, and dedicated to performing arts! I regularly write and host murder mysteries for my family and friends. In fact, the picture of me at my most recent murder mystery, which I wrote and hosted!


Daniel Tusia

Host Daniel
    • Suburb: Canberra
    • Phone: 1300 261 545
    • Email:

Daniel has a long background with murder mystery parties having run them all around. Daniel is a great host who specialises in live interactive entertainment and will bring something special to your party. Daniel also provides a team of professional performers who are available to host your murder mystery.


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