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Murder Mystery Dinner Party Hobart Tasmania

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 11 January 2021

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Hobart
Murder Mystery Dinner Party Hobart

Why are murder mystery dinner parties getting so popular in Hobart and Tasmania?

As you know, trends come and go all over the place. Sometimes, trends will stick around for awhile and then disappear. Other trends may come about and stick around for a good long time. One trend that seems to ebb and flow somewhat is that of the murder mystery dinner party. If you’ve ever been to a murder mystery dinner party in Hobart or Tasmania, you may understand why they’re so exciting to people – but if you haven’t, let’s take a look at why people really get into these fun and exciting events.

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Why A Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

We all like a good mystery. For example, look at what is on television. How many different shows do we watch on TV that have some sort of mystery or murder component to them? If you flip through the channels late in the evening, you will likely find that there are quite a few of them. We all like to try and figure out who has committed a crime, even if we know that it’s fictionalized in one way or another.

That’s the sort of thing that you will be tapping into when you host a murder mystery dinner party. Even though your guests will know that there really hasn’t been any sort of murder committed, they will still get that same rush that they get from watching those sorts of things in movies or on television. And because of that, they will be more likely to be engaged with you and with each other throughout the whole party.

On top of all of that, it’s just something that is new and different. We’ve all been to all sorts of parties, and if you host a murder mystery dinner party, you will find that it’s definitely got a different look and feel than other types of parties that you may be enjoying on a regular basis. And we all need something different in our lives every once in awhile, don’t we?

We’ve Got Everything You Need to Get Started

So, how do you get started? That’s where we come in. With the Murder in a Box, we can help you host a murder mystery dinner party in Hobart or Tasmania without breaking the bank or making you stress out over all of the little details. When you order your box, you will get a ton of different items that you can use in order to host your party, and if you want, you can even make it so that someone that has been trained by us can come in and host it for you.

Does this sound like it’s right for you and your next party? Great! Then come check out our website or contact us so that you can order your own party in a box. No matter how big or small your party may be, we’ve got what you need.

Why are murder mystery parties in Hobart and Tasmania often associated with dinner?

Have you ever been to a murder mystery party in Hobart or Tasmania? If so, you may have noticed that a lot of them have a similar time frame – many people will host their murder mystery party around dinner, and will usually serve dinner as part of the whole experience. Why is this the case? What makes dinner such a great time for people to host murder mystery parties? It’s all a matter of preference, of course, but here are a few of the reasons that people may associate these parties with dinner.

The mood

Okay, so dinner (or as some people call it, supper) is in the evening, anywhere between the hours of 5 and 9 PM, depending on what your family’s schedule is. During much of the year, it also gets dark during that period of time (especially in Hobart and Tasmania). If you’re looking for the mood to be a little eerie or creepy, that time during dusk and into the evening is just the right time to do it. It can help set that mood and help your guests get into the spirit of the mystery ahead.

The amount of time that murder mysteries usually take

Many murder mystery parties include dinner because they usually take a pretty long time to finish anyway. Some murder mysteries can take a couple of hours, depending on how many people are involved in them, how many clues there are, and how much space you are working with for your murder mystery. That being said, people are going to get hungry at some point. Whereas some people will only serve appetisers, snacks, or desserts during their murder mystery party, others will take the time to make sure that their guests can get an entire meal, either before or after the mystery is over. Also, in theatre, usually murder mysteries are performed as part of a meal, so it’s following that tradition as well.

Availability of venues, the host, and guests

This is, of course, the most important factor, no matter when you decide to host the party. As adults, we often find that the easiest time for us to have a party is in the evening. Many of our friends are done with work, kids are home from school and/or it’s easier for us to find a babysitter if we need one. If you’re the host and you work during the day, you’re going to want to have a dinner party because there’s no need for you to take off of work for one of these things. Also, some venues may not be available during the day, especially if it’s a banquet hall or something of that sort. If you’re looking at a specific venue, especially if you’re considering a meal as part of it, many restaurants will prefer that you come in during the dinnertime hours for a variety of reasons. So all of the availability has to line up – and usually, the best time to make sure that happens is during the evening hours, right around dinner.

Obviously, you don’t have to host a dinner party when you host your murder mystery party in Hobart or Tasmania. You can just serve appetisers or have desserts instead. It’s all up to your preferences, what you want to do with your guests, how much your budget is, and whether or not you think it will interfere (or help!) with what you are trying to do. As the host, it’s all up to you as to how the food goes!

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