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Murder Mystery Dinner Party Canberra Australian Capital Territory

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 08 January 2021

Murder Mystery Party Canberra
Murder Mystery Party Canberra

Planning a murder mystery dinner party Canberra or Australian Capital Territory?

So, you’ve made the decision to host your own murder mystery dinner in Canberra and/or the Australian Capital Territory. That’s a great choice! Murder mysteries are a lot of fun, and many people really enjoy the excitement and the puzzles that they have to do in order to figure out who committed the crime. That being said, there is a lot that goes into a murder mystery dinner party. Who are you going to invite? What will you do? Do you have a story set up? If you aren’t sure where you want to go with the story in question, we’ve got a good place for you to start – the Murder in a Box.

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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The Murder in a Box

The Murder in a Box is exactly what it sounds like – everything that you need in order to host your own murder mystery dinner party, in one big box. The box’s size will vary depending on how large your party is – just let us know how big your party will be when you order, and we’ll give you exactly what you need. Here’s some of what you may find in the Murder in a Box

Other suggestions for your murder mystery dinner party

There are a lot of other things that you may want to consider when you use our Murder in a Box murder mystery dinner kit. For example, where are you going to have the event? The venue needs to be somewhere that people can hear each other easily, and where they won’t get interrupted by other people or by music. You also want to make sure it’s large enough for everyone to move around and figure out what is going on.

Another thing you should consider is what sort of food you are going to offer. Many times, a dinner party isn’t always an actual “dinner” party. If you’re going to host a full meal, then you will want to do it before or after you do the mystery part of the dinner. Otherwise, you can provide finger foods and other easy to eat snacks that people will be able to indulge in while solving the mystery.

Last but not least, you have to figure out when you’re going to have the party. Sure, murder mystery dinner parties are going to be really popular around Halloween, but you don’t need to have that as an excuse for you to enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with this sort of party. You can have it at any time of year – so figure out when is going to be the best time for you and your family to get together for this sort of event.

So, if you’re ready, get planning! If you need some help or guidance, or you have any other questions related to hosting your own party, make sure that you contact us as soon as you possibly can. We will do everything that we can to answer your questions and to give you the guidance you need to have an awesome murder mystery dinner party in Canberra or the Australian Capital Territory.

Why have a murder mystery party in Canberra Australian Capital Territory

If you've been looking for something different to do, a murder mystery party may have gotten on your radar at some point. That being said, what are some unique ways that you can utilise a murder mystery party in Canberra Australian Capital Territory? What positive things can you utilise this fun sort of party for? Here are some ideas that you can try out with your own murder mystery party.

To make new friends or meet new neighbours

If you've just moved to a new neighbourhood, or you've just gotten involved in a new organisation or house of worship, you may be trying to get out of your shell and meet new people. A murder mystery party is actually a great way for you to do that. As you likely know, parties with people you don't really know can get kind of awkward, and small talk is uncomfortable for a lot of people. But if you put together a party where people can interact and then allow the small talk to come naturally, it makes it a lot easier to handle and a lot more fun to pull off. A murder mystery party can do that for you, and it helps take some of the load off.

To entertain a Group of teenagers or young adults

Teenagers love to hang out together, as do young adults. And they love to have parties at someone's house. If your son or daughter wants to throw a party, you can suggest a murder mystery party to them. There are some murder mysteries, like the kits available at that are actually able to be used for anyone from teenagers and up! By putting this together for a group of teenagers that you're involved with (whether as their leader or a parent), you can help teach them cooperation and you can give them something that they will remember for years to come. Not only that, it will prevent them from sitting around and complaining that they're bored - which, as you probably know, is a favourite pastime of many teenagers and young adults.

Team building exercises for a business, organisation, or leadership team

Many people don't think about using murder mystery parties as a team building exercise, but they can actually be a great tool for them. They encourage teamwork, they make people use their minds, and they bring up a little healthy competition as well. If you've got a group that needs help working together, or you want to do something to just encourage your leadership team to work together more, a murder mystery party can be a really fun way to do so. Some of the old team building exercises that used to be utilised may be a bit difficult for some of the team to do, or they may be of little interest to your teams. This is unique, it gets people thinking, and it gets people communicating in ways that they may not have even considered before.

Get creative with it! A murder mystery party in Canberra Australian Capital Territory can actually help you do any number of things with ease. If you aren't sure where to get started with your murder mystery plans, go check our games. They have kits you can use and can give you help and guidance with exactly how you can utilise a murder mystery party in the ways we described here or in any other number of ways. They can also give you other resources to utilise in this context, as well.

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