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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 19 December 2022

Murder mystery games are not the only mystery games around. We have developed non murder mystery games that you can use for birthdays, kid's parties and team building events.

how to host a murder mystery party in 3 steps

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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How does a murder mystery party work?

Murder Mystery Games

Mystery Games For Kids

One of the best Mystery Games is to craft one as a treasure hunt. With a treasure hunt, there are tons of options available to you for staging the event that can open up new ways to host a Mystery Game. They don't always have to be in your home – you can make them part of a hike, a treasure hunt through the city, or even stage them on a boat. There are many different scenarios available that can be customised to make your event the most talked about one of the year.

Using a treasure hunt can get people more involved

When you choose to stage a treasure hunt you are going to get more people up and involved in the process. Not only because there is more movement involved, but because a treasure hunt has more facets of action that can appeal to people. Once the cards are issued with the clues to be found, your teams are off and running. It can be a good idea to have all the clues lead to one place, where the real mystery begins to be unravelled and solved based upon what people have found. A treasure hunt lets you accommodate all age groups too, which can transform it into a perfect family day.

Decide on the boundaries of your mystery game

One thing you want to make sure of is that all of your teams can accomplish their goals and get to the final staging of your party. The best way to do this is to sit with your planner and look at a map of where the clues can be placed. You also need to split the clues up so not every team is going to be finding the same thing. This means that at the end it will take all of the teams working together to put the clues together to solve the puzzle of the murder. This differs from the normal treasure hunt where everyone is looking for the same thing, now everyone is following clues that only apply to the actual clues that their team is assigned to find. This works just like a real investigation, with different teams covering different aspects of a murder investigation so they can eventually solve the puzzle.

Bringing all the clues together

Bringing everyone together to solve the clues to your Mystery event is the crowning glory. First, all the teams will be ready to sit down and eat and drink – now is when the show really begins. You will also find that you will have more engaged people at their event because they have all gone through a similar process, but one that has different results to show and stories to tell. This commonality helps to break the ice better than any other exercise you can think of to do. With people bonding over their shared efforts and stories, it’s time for the detective to come out and begin to piece the puzzle together to solve the mystery.

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