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Hen's Night Party Games

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

A hen's night murder mystery

This is where you use a murder mystery game and run a murder mystery for your hens night party games. Murder mysteries get your hens night guests mingling and talking and break the ice over the whole night. They are particularly good if your hen doesn't just want to get drunk and go clubbing.

how to host a murder mystery party in 3 steps

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How does a murder mystery party work?

Murder Mystery Games

Other Hen's Night Party Games

Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party

The newlyweds game

This is where you interview the groom before the hens do and ask about 10 questions like "where did they first kiss?". You then ask the hen the same questions and give her a score out of 10. You can also interview the hen and ask the guests about the hen.

Banned words

Can be used as a drinking game. Create a list of words on a poster that you are not allowed to say such as "husband". Everytime someone says a banned word they drink.

Hen night bingo cards

There are lots of bingo card generating websites around. Make up bingo cards with lots of hen/marriage words and have fun playing bingo.

Scavenger hunt

This is fun to do with the camera on your phones. Provide a list of tasks to do or places to go and have the girls capture the evidence on the phone. Put it on a big screen if you can.

Alphabet game

Get all your guests in a circle. Starting with "A" the first guest needs to say a wedding/naught word starting with that letter. The next guests does B and so on. If you can't do a letter you have to make up a word and explain what it means.

Pin the hose on the fireman

You can be a bit daring with this one. A poster of a fireman etc. a pin and a condom works well.

Post it note game

There are two ways to play this game. One is to give everyone a post-it note and a pen and have them write down a memory they have of the hen. This then goes into a time capsule to be opened later. Otherwise you can put the notes up on the window for the hen and other to read.

I never

Have all your guests stand in a circle. The first person says "I never..." could be "kiss on the first date". Everyone that never kisses on the first date sits down. Move to the next person and repeat.

Pass the parcel

Just like the kids game but be a bit naughty with what you put between the layers.

The peg game

Have a peg or pegs available. Ideally glue a toy penis to each one. Either with unsuspecting members of the public or the guests as the party you have to secretly put the penis peg on their clothing.

Toilet paper couture

You can play this with toilet paper or newspaper. Give your guests paper, sticky tape and anything else you want. Have them make a wedding dress in 10 minutes.

Who am I? (celebrity head)

You can play the standard who am I. To make it more exciting play "What am I". Sit your 3 volunteers out the front and either on a band on their forehead or on the wall behind them write a word for each person like "cucumber", "missionary position" and "condom". Each person takes a turn asking a yes or no question. If they get a yes they ask again, if no move to the next person. The winner is the first person to guess what they are.

Selfie competition

The winner is the person that can put the sluttiest or most compromising picture of themselves up as their Facebook profile.

Truth or dare

An oldy but a goody. Ask the hen or other guests truth or dare. Make the truth questions saucy but make the dares nice like ask a mum the trick to being a good parent.

Bridal pictionary

Play pictionary but with a bridal theme and phrases like "ball and chain".

Plan a Murder Mystery Hen’s Party

Why put on an average Hen’s Party when you can dress up, have fun and solve a murder all in the same night? Instead of throwing the usual party for the bride, get one of the murder mystery party games Darwin, Northern Territory women will enjoy. You don’t need the men around to play this interactive mystery game.

Great Game for the Ladies

The murder mystery party games have several editions to choose from that will make for a fun evening of play. Most women like to dress in beautiful gowns and the Hollywood Scandal murder mystery will allow them to dress as Hollywood movie stars of the past or the present.

The room can be decorated to reflect old Hollywood or you can add touches around the room to match lifestyle of today’s Hollywood starlets. Another idea would be dress in the characters of a Hollywood movie about weddings. Order replicas of the famous Hollywood sign for your walls and take pictures of everyone dressed their best for the bride’s scrapbook.

If Hollywood doesn’t appeal to the group, the Wild West murder mystery game can be played with an all-female cast because the story involves a wedding and swapping babies. The ladies can dress up like cowgirls, dance hall girls or they can play cowboys if they wish. Although guests are not required to wear costumes, someone wearing jeans, western boots and a button-up blouse would fit right in the Wild West game.

Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party

Make Sure Your Room is Big Enough

Depending on how many partygoers you have, you may need to hire a venue for your game. The room should be large enough to give everyone room to move about, solve the clues and to have fun. A banquet or conference room in a hotel would be ideal or you could ask to use a large room in the church where the wedding is being held. The mystery games can be played by as few as two people and editions are available for as many as 15, 60 or 120 players.

Everything for the Game is Included

When you order a murder mystery party game, everything you need to get started is included. There is a guidebook for playing the game, invitations you can send out for the party, pens, the clues you need to solve and the details about the story as well. The only extras you need will be decorations, costumes and party goers.

Duration of the Game

There would be plenty of time for other activities during a Hen’s Party if you wish. The murder mystery party games Darwin, Northern Territory usually last between two and three hours. It won’t take up the entire night, so you could still have dinner or take time to chat and catch up with friends attending the party.

Enjoying Snacks and Drinks

If you plan to have food at your party, during the game it is recommended that you stick with finger foods and drinks. The players need room to move about and play, so a dinner setup doesn’t work well within the game. If you wish to serve dinner, try to schedule it before the game or after it has ended.

For more fun, choose foods that fit in well with the theme for the murder mystery party game you selected for the Hen’s Party. For the Wild West game, you could have tortilla chips and salsa with sarsaparilla, root beer, to drink. Canapés and champagne would go well with the Hollywood Scandal murder mystery game.

By planning the theme, the costumes and decorations, the Hen’s Party will be memorable for the bride and her friends.

We recommend the murder mystery themes Hollywood Scandal or Wild West for a hens' night or bachelorette murder mystery.  With Hollywood the characters can all be female and your guests can come dressed as their favourite Hollywood actor or in their most glamorous outfits.

With our Wild West story, two of the characters give birth and two get married so it is lots of fun.  Some of the characters will be boys but this just adds to the fun.

If you are organising a hens night, murder most devious is a recipe for success.

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