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Fundraising Ideas

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 29 March 2020

Throw a murder mystery party fundraiser for your group

If your church group or civic organisation needs to raise funds, there are many traditional ways to do so. They could hold a bake sale, a car wash or simply go to their groups and ask for more donations. However, a unique way to get money for your group would be to hold murder mystery party games Melbourne, Victoria residents could attend.

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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How to Raise Money with Mystery Games

There are several ways to raise money using murder mystery party games. Your group could ask guests at the party for a suggestion donation at the door or you could use one of the games' themes and create a casino night that fits in with it. The Caribbean Cruise game or the Tracy Gang 1920's murder mystery would go well with a casino night in which funds could be raised for your organisation.

Part of the evening could be dedicated to the game or the game could be hosted in another room while other guests played poker, craps or blackjack. To add to the fun, your guests could dress in the theme of the game and play characters like gangsters, pirates, cruise guests or gun molls.

How Many Could Play?

The murder mystery party games are designed for as little as 2 players or as many as 120 players. The games come with scripts, cards and other materials needed to play the game and there are versions for up to 60 players or 120 players. If you know the murder mystery party will draw more people to the fundraiser, than you can play the game more than once that night. The game only takes about two hours total to play.

What Ages are Eligible to Play?

The murder mystery party games can be played by anyone who is at least 11 or older. If your group has older children, then they can participate in the fundraiser and you could have a separate game running just for the younger crowd to entertain themselves. The adults in your group could have their own party going in another area, but still keep an eye on their kids.

To Host or Not to Host

Rather than be stuck on the sidelines directing the game, you and the others in charge of your organisation could play by hiring a host for your game. There are several murder mystery party hosts available for hire in most of the metro areas in Australia. You could even hire a local theatrical group to help entertain guests and keep the game running smoothly.

If you choose to play the Hollywood murder mystery game, you don't have to look anywhere else for party decorations. There are several options for decorations from the company who created the murder mystery party games. You can get a red carpet for your actors to walk on, wall signs or posters to decorate the room for the night. If you do pick a different game to play, most party stores will have decorations that you can use for the event.

Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Many people use the murder mystery party games Melbourne, Victoria to raise funds for their favourite charities. They ask for donations at the door and give the money to support any charity of their choice. It is a good excuse to gather friends, colleagues and family to have fun and raise money for a good cause.

The next time you need to raise money for your organisation, church or a charity, consider throwing a murder mystery party game. It will be fun for everyone to dress up, give them a chance to solve a mystery and have a good time.

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