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Team building is essential if you are going to create a highly effective team.  As the famous saying goes "a team that plays together stays together".  Our murder mystery games are the perfect idea for your team building activities.

We have had more than 100,000 people participate in our murder mystery parties.

There is something about a murder mystery party that everyone loves.  The team work, the competitive element the race to the top, the costumes and the excitement of participating in murder is really fun.

Book a murder mystery party for your team building activity and you will get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you do not feel that our murder mystery was an excellent team building activity then send the game back for a full no questions asked refund.

After a while your staff can get a bit sick of the same old team building games.  Fantastic team building activities need to be exciting and really capture peoples imagination.

Click to find out about our team building activities in the form of a murder mystery party.

Team Building Activities

What makes a murder mystery party an effective team building activity?

Our murder mystery games have you colleagues and friends working in small groups.  In these groups the team members are able to assume a variety of roles.  You have team leaders, spys, scribes spokes people and a variety of other roles for people to play.

The games are also very fun so they really bring out the competitive spirit of your teams.  At the end of the game one team is deemed the winner and so this gets everyone motivated and fired up to compete for the glory of being deemed the best sleuths and winning the best sleuth award.

As far as team building activities go a murder mystery team building activity is an awesome idea. 

Team building theory:

Anyone that has studied team building theory know the following about teamwork:

  • Teams should have no more than 7 members
  • Teams require a strong and motivated leader
  • A participative approach to decision making is much more likely to create "buy-in"
  • Effective communication is an essential component of an amazing team

Our team building activities follow and help to build these qualities, all while having tons of fun.  Working in a small teams your staff will have a great time as they practise these skills.

You can run our murder mystery parties at your workplace or hire a venue.  The choice is yours our games are adaptable to any situation.

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Hi Chris,

We know we thanked you on the evening Chris but we just wanted you to know that we really loved the game, loved your energy and your enthusiasm, you made it happen and kept it all together and we both would recommend the game and you to anyone, the feedback we have had from our kids and friends is 100% positive, everyone loved the evening as well. It was a superb evening and we thank you very much for all you effort, laughs and fun.

Kind regards Bob and Louise Copley