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How To Host A Murder Mystery Party

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 09 October 2019

Congratulations on purchasing your Murder In A Box Premium Edition game! This information is designed to guide Party Organisers (that’s you!) through the preparation process, all the way to a great event. 

Your Murder In A Box Premium Edition party will be a fantastic night of interactive sleuthing.  These suggestions are designed to help make your night as fantastic as possible.

Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party Murder Mystery Party

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How to host a murder mystery party!

Three weeks before your party:

Identify Everything

From the contents sheet (printing guide for downloads) identify each item and make sure it’s all there.  Note that you can read “The Presenter’s Handbook” but do not read “The Full Story” or “The Clues” (unless you are the presenter) as this identifies the murderer.

Read This Information Thoroughly

It’s really important that you read this guide thoroughly, and you may like to use a pen and paper and make some notes as you go.

Select your presenter

When you are deciding how to host a murder mystery party the presenter will make a big difference. Either a hired host, yourself or one of your most outgoing friends will need to be your presenter.  This person will facilitate the event and their job is to lead the action, keep everything running smoothly and help people have a great time.

You can certainly be the presenter yourself but keep in mind that it is an extra job in addition to being the party organiser, which will require its own preparation.  We strongly recommend you only take on both roles if you feel like you’ll have plenty of time to devote to it and don’t mind being busy at the party. 

If you do not know anyone who would like to be the presenter, why not hire a local actor to do it for you?  Otherwise the Murder In A Box web site has a list of experienced hosts in your area.  If you are expecting 40 or more guests, we recommend that you ask someone to assist the presenter.  Please give the presenter the “Presenter’s Handbook” ASAP!

Select your venue

You can hold your party almost anywhere that you could hold an ordinary function or party.

Understand the characters and groups

Each person at your party will be playing an individual character and will be given a character name badge at the party.  We recommend that you don’t allocate characters until the night.  This means if guests can’t make it the game won't be affected.

Your guests will work in roughly 4 to 7 groups of about the same size. You can decide how you want to break people into groups before the party or the presenter can split people up into groups at the party (recommended).

Send out your invitations

Your invitations explain to your guests that they have been invited to a Murder Mystery Night and provide costume suggestions.   Print or email the invitations provided online (even if you have already verbally invited your guests) so they know what to expect.  We have included electronic invitations to save you time.

Collect RSVPS

Collecting RSVPs is always important for planning any function. However as we suggest putting people into groups on the night, it shouldn’t be a problem if some of your guests can’t make it at the last minute or if extras turn up.

Leading up to the big day…

Decide on your food and drinks

Speak with your presenter

Check in regularly to make sure your presenter has read their notes and is well prepared.  Offer to help them rehearse and confirm what you will be providing.

Encourage Costumes

Costumes are an important part of the build up to you party and great outfits will really enhance the event!  It is up to you to encourage your guests to dress to fit the theme and offer your help if they need it.  Costume suggestions are on your invitations.


Decorating your venue creates a great atmosphere and can make all the difference to your event.  You can do as much or as little decorating as you like and there are plenty of low cost ways to transform your space.  If you do wish to decorate, use the “Decoration Ideas” sheet to get you started and allow plenty of time to set up on the day of your party.

Final things to think about

Here are a few final things to think about to make your event extra special:


Background music can really enhance the atmosphere!  Try to choose music which suits your theme and ensure the stereo is in easy reach for the presenter to adjust the volume., itunes and other online music sites are a great way to get music.

Set up


Most groups do not need a microphone but it can be a big help if you have more than 40 guests or if you are using a particularly large venue.  If in doubt, ask your presenter if they’d like one.

On the day:

Venue set up

Set up your presenter's area

This should be easy for the presenter to access from their central “presentation area” and should contain all the items provided in your Murder In A Box Package.  Use the “Contents Sheet?” to ensure you’ve included everything. 

Bring everything!

Never assume your presenter doesn’t need an item.

Relax and enjoy

This is the most important part! Remember the guests will be more likely to have a good time if you do!  Let the presenter work their magic and let the mystery unfold.If you don't know how to host a murder mystery party then you can relax. Our how to host a murder mystery party games contain everything you need.

If you have any questions contact us on the contact us link at the top of this page.

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