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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 02 February 2017

Christmas is a time to celebrate. It has been a long year and just like Santa's elves your staff have been working hard. It is time for a dinner, some drinks and a party on the boss.

The end of the work year and a time to let your hair down. The corporate rules and procedures have produced a successful year but you have to let the staff vent and have an outlet for all the annoying customers and others you have had to deal with over the year. You can't put your customers onto Santa's naughty list so what can you do?

Why not do something new this year.

Hold a murder mystery party as a part of your Christmas celebration.

A Christmas Capers murder mystery party is a great idea. It will provide a fun and structured way for your staff to let off steam, have a laugh and really enjoy themselves at the end of a frantic year.

You can build the team and celebrate the year at the same time.

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Costume ideas: Please dress as Santa, a sexy elf, troll, Eskimo, snowman, penguin, toy, child, business person troll, goblin, present or in your red and green Chrismas finest.

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